Results Time!

This week it was my absolute pleasure to record a message announcing the winners of the #bookontour’ competition that we have been running for the last few months.  The idea was that readers would send in a photograph of themselves with the book in various locations which have included sun drenched Greece, Italy and Cyprus and not quite so balmy North Yorkshire and Edinburgh.  We’d even had the book pictured at Buckingham Palace!

Achieving a winning result in a competition is an act of good fortune, it’s random, the luck of the draw – quite literally.  However, more importantly is how we achieve results day in and day out in the real world.

Over the years as I’ve been studying different time management techniques this has led to me also developing certain habits that have had a major positive impact on my results.

I remember my end of year reports from school would mark me in the areas of ‘Attainment’ and ‘Effort’.  The best result was always A1 meaning that in the opinion of my teacher I’d done very well and had put in maximum effort.  Yet sometimes the subject would be marked A3 meaning I’d done well in class and in tests BUT had put little effort in to the process.  Even more confusing would be a D1 which meant I hadn’t done all that well BUT I had tried really hard! 

In life and work - while effort is important - it’s the results that count.

In time management I’ve learned that a few simple disciplines, when practiced consistently, count when it comes to achieving results.

One of these strategies is to ‘create’ periods of focused activity which is free from all interruption. Easier said than done, yes, however still very DOABLE!

Even just 20-30 minutes of highly concentrated action without distraction could be worth a day of being a ‘busy fool’.  Then multiply that into several chunks of time in a day – every day (where it’s possible and some days it isn’t) and then you start seeing real results for your activities.

Focus on doing whatever you can to eliminate your interruptions and distraction – educate people not to disturb you, stick signs on your door, switch off e-mail notifications, turn telephones to silent. Do whatever works to help you create ideally 90-minute chunks of focused working time.

Help yourself even more by making sure that everything you need is at hand – your drinks, your materials, your information and whatever you require in order to keep a forward motion on your activities.

Finally a great tip is to play light classical or brain wave type music in the background. Just tap ‘music to concentrate to’ in to your search engine and select.  It works like magic to keep you on track. 

With a few simple changes you will be amazed at how effective and productive you can be.

It can truly become your ‘results time!’