The only way is up...eventually!

I’ve noticed that over the last couple of weeks my opening comments have taken on the form of incisive and rather pithy observations about…the weather!  I heard myself say the “Cold isn’t it?” line twice in quick succession last Friday.  On both occasions, what followed was a friendly exchange of related anecdotes where all involved cordially agreed that my opening statement was indeed correct and we then went about our business!

Well, yes it’s cold, because it’s November in Britain.  It’s autumn and the same thing happens every year.  In June, when it’s summer (apparently), the temperature is much warmer and that also happens every year.

Gravity guarantees that what goes up must come down.  It’s just a pity that it doesn’t work on fuel prices!

What life has taught me is that certain things are a given, they are totally reliable in terms of what we can expect – the weather is one and gravity is another.

That’s comforting knowledge to have when life metaphorically “smacks you in the face!”

In this same period when I have assumed the role of a meteorological commentator several of my delegates have been going through a really difficult time.  This is not the place to highlight specifics other than to say their comments to me have gone along the lines of  “Right then you’ve just heard how things are going for me, so ok Mr Positive what’s positive about any of that!?” 

It’s very challenging to find the hope, the light, the upside on something like the death of a beloved pet, a relationship break up, a divorce, a job loss or money worries.

Sometimes we have to grieve, to mourn, to allow ourselves time to re-group, re-think or heal when life deals us those cards.

Life’s ebb and flow means that we can rely on the fact that sometimes we’re up and others we’re down.  The comfort comes in the hope that our tough times will eventually give way to easier, more positive circumstances.   

When author J.K. Rowling went through her darkest days of unemployment and depression, her experience of “rock bottom” was her foundation to build back from.  Again it’s sometimes comforting to believe that things can’t get worse which follows that they can only get better.

When life is tough hold on to the idea that “this too shall pass” and just like the changing seasons it will.  The trick, in my experience, is to also truly appreciate the days when life isn’t smacking us in the face!