Now that's a first!

This week I delivered my first webinar on several key strategies taken from my first book.

There will a second webinar in a few weeks, whilst at the same time I work on my second book.

I love this quote from Henry Van Dyke: “Use what talents you possess; the woods would be very silent if no birds sang there except those that sang best.”

That was me for years - silent! It’s different now - you can’t shut me up!

What changed was that I overcame my doubts, fears and anxieties which for long enough had been my reasons for not even attempting the ‘first times’ of so many things.

I vividly remember my first driving lesson in that white and orange Talbot Sunbeam (I know!). As I followed my instructions of “foot down Craig, into one” and I brought up the clutch pedal, gave the engine a little power and slowly released the handbrake I can still recall the sensation of how that tiny car was so enormous to me and also how totally clueless I felt.

I can easily recall my first attempt at a solo Sunday roast dinner. Oh dear me! Everything was either under cooked or overdone and nothing was ready to plate up at the same time – not that any of it was worth putting on the plate.

The memories of my first ever talent contest are as clear today as they were when I was 14! I was so overwhelmed with nerves that I didn’t eat for the two days prior to the performance and was shaking like a leaf as I stood by the side of the stage waiting to be introduced.  My 5 minute routine of ‘comedy’ impressions impressed neither the audience nor the judges. That’s showbiz for you!

Those first time experiences all had the potential for me to not have a second go. It happens.

The fact is that although I’m no World Champion Racing Driver I really enjoy driving these days.

The evidence is that whilst I’m no Michelin Starred Chef I enjoy messing about in the kitchen and can plate up some really nice meals these days.

The thing is I went on to perform in theatres, summers seasons, pantomimes and cabaret all over the UK and these days I ‘perform’ in the roles of Speaker, Author and Trainer AND really enjoy it.
What I accept as normal ‘these days’ was only possible because the results from the first times were not  allowed to mean there was never a second time.

My point is this … if you have decided that after the first time you are not going back for a second go at public speaking, cooking, driving, martial arts, golf, painting or running or anything else … perhaps you might change your mind.  You never know you could even get to enjoy it!