Even for a later starter, it's never too late!

In hindsight I now appreciate that throughout my life I’ve followed a pattern of being a ‘late starter’.

I didn’t have my first girlfriend until I was 20.

I didn’t get married until I was almost 30.

I didn’t start my own business until I was 42.

I didn’t send my first text message until I was in my mid 40’s.

I didn’t have my first book published until I was 51.

I made up for lost time in both the theory and the practical elements on the girlfriend front! This year I celebrate having been happily married for 21 years! I have just started my 10th year in business!

I’ve now sent an awful lot of texts! I’m already writing my second book!

My intention with this article is to challenge you if you have a dream and have decided it’s too late for you to achieve it. All I would point out is that there have been some wonderful examples of late starters who have gone on to achieve great results. The United States has provided so much to inspire the world in its relatively short history (you see, even the USA itself was a ‘late starter’!)

Hollywood star Morgan Freeman was 52 years old before he got his big break alongside actress Jessica Tandy in the hit movie ‘Driving Miss Daisy’.

Actor Ronald Reagan wasn't even elected to his first public office until he was 55 years old. A few years later when he was sworn in as the 40th President of the United States Reagan had reached the ripe old age was 69 years and 11 months old. He served two full terms behind the desk of the Oval Office.

Kentucky Fried Chicken’s Colonel Sanders was already in his mid-60’s before he began the business that is today so famous all over the world.

The author Laura Ingalls Wilder didn’t publish the first of her 12 Little House on the Prairie books until she was 65 years old.

Legendary American artist Anna Mary Robertson Moses, or as she was better known Grandma Moses, produced her first painting when she was 76 years old and continued creating her works of art for over 20 more years, well into her 90’s.  

I believe that like some of the best cheese and wine some people also need to mature a little longer to reach their best.

‘It’s not where you start, it’s where you finish’ is a song from the score of the 1973 Broadway musical ‘Seesaw’ and for me is a great contender for the ‘late starters’ anthem.

It’s only too late for you when you actually give up on your dream. We’ve already established that age is not a barrier to achievement and that plenty of other people have only begun their best work at a time in their lives when many others of the same age had decided that they had finished.

Here’s the big question – what is the dream that you have given up on ever achieving? Why not take inspiration from all the other ‘late starters’ and start today, where you are, with what you have and decide that it is going to happen and then make it! Listen if other people have done it, you can do it, too.  Go on, amaze yourself!