Karma - Natural Justice or Wishful Thinking?

Last time I talked about my wanderings around the miracle that is the interweb looking for inspiration to put on our Facebook page (www.facebook.com/totemtrainingltd - just in case you were wondering!)  Well, I found a great post this week – on Twitter – from a guy (we will call him ‘first guy’) who was trying to park his car in the company car park when AN Other (identity kept secret to conceal his worldwide embarrassment!) idiot zoomed up pulled in the space and rather unceremoniously told ‘first guy’ to ‘go forth’ as it were!  When said AN Other booked in at Reception for his job interview – guess who it was with?!  Yep…’first guy’.  Hahaha – now hands up if you would have loved to have been a fly on the wall in that interview!

Well, firstly…what an idiot!  Secondly, I’m guessing AN Other probably wasn’t a suitable candidate anyway and thirdly, I can see how this could be construed as Karma quietly doing its thing.

So, a few weeks ago, a friend starts bleating on at me about how someone will ‘get theirs’.  However, when we actually get down to it, basically someone has done to her exactly what my friend had previously done to someone else!  Err, well, I think you’ve missed the point petal (by the way – how good was I? put my hand right over my mouth and pushed them words right back in there, before they could jump out and state the blooming obvious & ruin, what is otherwise, a perfectly pleasant friendship #proudofmyself!).

I’d like to think I’m a big believer in Karma.  Although - in my experience - it can seem to take an exceptionally long time for it to go a knocking, which is when I start to doubt my resolve.  It is at that point I cheer myself on by thinking that maybe they’ve not got theirs yet because what is coming is so big, it’s taking a while to cook!  This is where I could mistake my resolve of natural justice for wishful thinking!

However, Beware!  If you’re prepared to accept the fact that Karma will win the day when you’ve been wronged, then you must also be prepared for it to exact its revenge on you!