"The streets of heaven are crowded with angels tonight"

It takes an extra-ordinary type of cowardice for trained militia to wait for night fall, dress up, hide their faces and fire machine guns on unarmed, unsuspecting men, women and children who are enjoying time with their friends and family.  More over, to kill themselves when confronted by a force that is equipped to fire back rather than take responsibility for their actions.

There is no religion, that I am aware of, that demands this type of demonstration in order to prove that its followers 'believe'.

The memory of the people you massacred will live forever.  Yours will not.  Your name is already forgotten.

If the price we have to pay for our liberty and freedom is that from time to time we have to be shocked and dumbfounded by your lack of basic humanity, to grieve for the loved ones we have lost by your barbaric actions then, I for one, am prepared to pay your fee.  The simple fact, my deluded and misguided friend, is that there is and always will be an infinite line of united individuals prepared to stand in front of you and pay with their lives for others to be free.  We will keep stepping forward for you to do your worst.  It takes much more courage to allow someone to take our lives than it does for you to take your own.

If your beliefs can only be imposed on others by force then your beliefs are worthless.

Your empty lives of hatred and fear are to be pitied.  Because you are unable to love, tolerate and accept others in your own lives you have no understanding of the pain and untold heartbreak you inflict on others.  It is that same pain that acts to strengthen our resolve.  It will only serve to weaken yours.

I would offer you a cautionary thought before you decide to present your next bill for payment...you will be judged by a higher being than one on earth and you will surely pay for your deeds in the next life.