Grin & bear it!

One of my tasks at Totem Towers is to provide motivational & inspirational quotes on our Facebook business page ( - just in case you haven’t already ‘Liked’!)

I trawl through literally hundreds of assorted other pages with the aim of sharing the best ones on our page.

I found myself posting a quote this week about doing the tasks you fear or cause you anxiety sooner rather than later in order to feel better quicker.  I even went as far as adding a comment (that sort of thing is supposed to encourage interaction with the reader…!)  I said that I used to put jobs off, because they were difficult or required thinking power or were just plain dull, but didn’t do that anymore.  Not one comment arrived but I did get a few ‘Likes’ (thanks Mum!)

The particular job I had in mind when I wrote & posted on our page was the end of year accounts.  Did I just hear a collective groan?  We’ve all done it – put them off until days and sometimes hours before the deadline and then gone into free fall because you can’t remember some of the stuff; you’ve lost receipts etc., etc., etc.

Yes well, now I’ve got another nemesis – we recently had to have a new hard drive installed – our previous one having developed a seemingly terminal virus.  I now have to adapt to a new version of software, and make everything look like it did before, which it won’t because apparently ‘Queen Progress’ has wielded her mighty ‘Sword of Update’.  You may well ask why I have I got to make everything look like it did before – and you would be completely justified in asking.  The answer is quite simple – the other half of the Totem Team is a technophobe.

There are a number of tasks I have been putting off because I know that they are going to be slightly more trying than usual by virtue of the fact that a menu that used to be ‘Insert’ is now somewhere else entirely or maybe not even be available at all.

I haven’t even clicked on the Free Version Update yet – oh what joy awaits!  I will, however, heed the quote I shared last week and click on that update button…in a minute.