Why I don't surf!

I ought to make it clear at this stage that I’m talking internet surfing and not actual surfing.  Although, I did try body boarding once in Cornwall which I did enjoy – I can be pretty rubbish at standing upright on terra firma without complicating the issue with water!

One of the main reasons I don’t surf is because I get frustrated when I search for something, a link comes up and says ‘yes, we do – click here’ and then you get there and it doesn’t offer what you wanted. 

The same can be said for lots of digital things – I was cock-a-hoop recently when I set up our 2 new iPhones, all went swimmingly at the first time of asking.  Or so I thought.  Right up until the moment I wanted to listen to some tunes whilst bronzing (well alright then, more like burning!) on my sunbed on holiday.  It goes without saying the Wi-Fi was as expected – patchy at best and I couldn’t listen to my tunes ‘cos I hadn’t made them available offline!   Grrrr!  Didn’t tell me I needed to before, did it!?

Another example would be I recently attempted to unsubscribe to a whole host of unrequested e-mails.  They all had the standard ‘unsubscribe’ link.  About 50% of them didn’t actually take me anywhere to do what I wanted to do.  Clever marketing or just downright irritating?  I’ll go with irritating every time.

I can go on:
  • Checking on-line for opening times only to discover that when you get there, they’re shut!
  • Out of date information – I’ve visited quite a large business site recently only to find out they hadn’t updated for over 2-years!!
  • The worst one is probably not having any web presence whatsoever

Suffice to say, if you do have a web presence – make sure you keep it up-to-date.  I know it’s time consuming, trust me, I do – after all I am responsible for all our web information and there is any number of outlets that need regular attention.  But if I am any sort of barometer for ‘surfing’ you are more likely to keep a visitor on your page if it’s up-to-date and correct, which includes all information and any necessary instructions.  Benefits are two-fold – by regularly updating your website the little googlebot thing will also keep engaging with your page and it will keep it higher up that all important search listing.