What would it take?

Like many of you I’m watching the current news reports and seeing the pictures of the people packed into the pathetic vessels the people smugglers like to call a boat.

Whatever the rights and wrongs of the politics and the posturing behind the stories we should remember these are people like you and me.  Standing with no more than the clothes on their backs and having paid for the ‘privilege’ of the voyage – desperate to start a new life.

I simply can’t imagine how terrible things must have to be for another human being to decide take the risks of the crossing.

I fully appreciate the common sense argument of ‘but where are they all going to live?’ because I’ve heard myself say it more than once.  I know that I don’t have the answers. I do know that I’m immediately grateful and humble for all that I have.

Because as I sit healthy, clean and safe with my wife on the comfortable sofa, our two beautiful cats curled up in our newly decorated lounge, having just enjoyed a nice meal, watching this story unfold on our big screen TV my ‘problems’ are put very much into perspective.

We all have our own issues and problems – everyone I know, including me - but I don’t know of anyone who’s ever experienced what we’re watching on our screen at the moment.

Those of us that have so much to be grateful for might do well to practice what the wise one’s call ‘the attitude of gratitude’ a little more often, because even on our ‘worst’ days we can’t come close to the plight of those poor souls. 

I for one appreciate the simple things EVEN MORE at the moment. ‘Thank you!’