And now for something completely different

I read an article recently that said UK politicians went all out to attract “the women’s vote”.  Of course they should – women make up 52% of the UK population.  That also means men make up 48% - not an insignificant number when discussing tactics – but there is no mention of targeting “the men’s vote”.

If women are 52% of the population then do females account for only 29% of the number of MP’s?  Although it is true to say this rose from 23% in the previous Parliament.  So a slight improvement but still a lot of work to do.

Perhaps rather than attempting to “woo” the women’s vote the emphasis should have actually been on encouraging more females to become MP’s.  And just to be clear – I don’t mean by any form of positive discrimination or affirmative action.  It is my personal belief that women are more than capable of demonstrating their credibility and standing on their own merits and achievements.

Do I think that women are still discriminated against in some areas?  Yes, I do.  Do I believe that men are?  Yes, I do.  Is there still a gender pay gap?  Yes there is, although it is decreasing year on year and so it should be.

So then, how to solve these issues?  It has long been my belief that whilst ever we have a “Page 3”, some men will always find it difficult if not impossible to accept women as equals.  Now I genuinely wouldn’t have a problem with “Page 3” providing that there was ALWAYS a male equivalent on “Page 4”.  After all ‘What is sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander’.

Clearly the “Page 3” debate in itself will not resolve the remaining gender issues that we have in our country – or indeed around the world.  However, what I can do - and will do - is to keep talking about these inequalities until one day they are resolved. What can you do?