When will they ever learn?

You remember my previous blog, when I said I try not to talk about customer service every time – be it good or bad?  Well in the days that followed we enjoyed a particularly good experience and so as sure as night follows day, we had a particularly bad one.

I just wanted to get that out there really because honestly it baffles me.  Sometimes I completely fail to see what is difficult about doing the job you are paid to do.  I really do try to be a good, positive customer, but just sometimes just …“gggrrrrrrrr…!”  At the end of the month we all rely on being paid – and it is our customers that facilitate that.  Some people, in my experience, can see the obvious connection to customers and monies coming in and some cannot.

In retail for example - treat your customer well, they buy your goods, they may even buy more goods than they intended in addition they may even become a regular, loyal client.   They may sing your praises to others who also may well sample your wares and so on.  Treat your customer badly and that customer may not even purchase the items they came in for at the time and they will, more than likely, go out of their way to tell others how ‘bad’ you are.

The age of social media gives us instant access to companies providing poor service and it can be a very costly affair.  Following our utterly frustrating, time wasting, really ‘bad’ experience earlier in the week – I immediately took to ‘Twitter’ and lambasted the retailer concerned.  Within 2-minutes I had someone on the telephone from said retailer, enquiring what had happened.  Listening with incredulity at our experience the caller apologised profusely and then actually admitted to being the person who trained the staff we were complaining about.  Possibly not his finest hour – but he took full responsibility and rectified the incident with a small monetary gesture of apology.

Refund, discount – call it what you will, is very rarely our motivation for complaint, but it does seem be to the retailers default reaction when confronted with our dissatisfaction.  However, I have been known to think – “hit ‘em where it hurts”, because it does sometimes feel like the only way to get them to think about what they are doing.

So, for now, I remain optimistic that one day we all might come round to the same thinking… spend the time & effort investing in your staff and get it right the first time – every time.  It makes business sense for a healthier bottom line and a happy customer.  Everyone’s a winner!