Give 'em a smile!!

Each time I sit down to write my blog, the first subject that almost always comes to mind is customer service.

I do generally avoid it, mainly because I have never forgotten something I was told by a senior manager.  On appointing me as organisational Equality & Diversity Officer, she said “people don’t like being preached at, so don’t go getting on your soap box”.  It’s on that premise then that I find it best to operate the “dripping tap” approach.

Everyone has a story to tell about their experience of customer service – good and bad, but mostly always it seems to be the bad.

Is it that we simply don’t encounter ‘good’, ‘excellent’ or ‘outstanding’ customer service?  Or, is it that we choose to focus on the ‘poor’, awful’ and in some cases ‘non-existent’?

Whichever is the case, it is so much easier to look for the faults in the service we receive.  But how much more satisfying & pleasant it is to look for the good bits when they come and give people your appreciation for them.

It is true to say that Craig & I are both passionate about giving excellent customer service – as well as receiving it.  We never underestimate receiving quality service and we praise it whenever we get it.  We also recognise that we don’t know what is going on in other people’s lives when they serve us. 

It’s worth remembering that we might be the only kind word that a person receives in the day. So whilst it’s easy to be aggrieved when we don’t get the service we think we deserve – just sometimes there’s going to be a good reason behind it.

Then if on some level we recognise that, why not show a little compassion and help change the mood for the next customer?

In the words of the quote ‘When you see someone without a smile – give them one of yours!’ Just a thought!