Give Yourself A Break

I was sat in the office staring out of the window into a cold winter sun afternoon looking for some inspiration.  I was searching for a subject to write a ‘blog’ about.  Sometimes I don’t need to ‘think’ about it – something will have caught my attention, I sit down to write and there it is.

Today, though, nothing was happening so instead I turned my attention to a large canvas print we have on the wall.  It’s of two empty deckchairs on a white beach looking out on a beautiful ocean with the sky as blue as the water that is gently lapping rippling onto the shore.

It occurred to me at that point it is probably just as well that I no longer work for somebody else in a busy office.  It wouldn’t be too difficult to guess what my previous boss would have said if she saw me sitting & gazing into the distance!

And yet, it is during these times – when I just sit & empty my mind – that I get the most clarity about what I need to do and more importantly how to begin to do it.

I wouldn’t consider what I do as meditating, in the conventional sense, but it is does give me a feeling of stress release.  Neither, on the face of it – does it appear to be good time management – and yet it resulted in a blog within a very short space of time.  And it was most certainly a way that I was able to solve my problem (i.e. lack of blog topic!)

Taking just a few minutes to clear your mind and re-focus your thoughts can be exactly what is required in the midst of a busy day with a ‘to do’ list as long as your arm.

This probably sounds easier said than done when you’re the one working in a busy office with other people beavering away around you and being only too quick to notice when you stop and ‘daydream’ for five minutes.  A trick that Oprah Winfrey used to employ when the pressures of her day got too intense was to exit to an empty toilet stall for 5-minutes.  She would take some deep breathes, centre herself and come out feeling refreshed.

So, whether you sit in your own small quiet space or work in a bustling office environment, take a leaf out of Oprah’s book.  It seems to have worked quite well for her!