The Power of a Mentor

‘Mentors’ are those people who support us, challenge us and inspire us to believe we can be more than we are.  I have a few and most of them are dead!  And yet the wonderful thing about the technology we have access to these days is that the likes of Napoleon Hill,  Earl Nightingale and Jim Rohn are there forever for a small investment on CDs, DVDs and in books or often completely free on You Tube.

My personal favourite is Jim Rohn.  Sadly, no longer with us and yet his particular brand of wisdom has affected generations of people to achieve success as it continues to motivate me.

Much of Rohn’s philosophy of success came in simple, bite sized chunks like the classic “Don’t wish it were easier; wish you were better.”  Another personal favourite is “For things to change for you, you have to change.”

He inspired many of today’s leading lights working in the arena of personal effectiveness. Authors and speakers such as Darren Hardy, Tony Robbins and Les Brown take their inspiration directly from the mentorship of Jim Rohn as they help literally millions of people define their life goals.  All of them have great advice to offer on the subject of goal setting and most if it originates from Mr Rohn!

Here’s some more of Jim’s advice…

“Take a sheet of paper and on one side write down what you did today.  On the other side write down what you could have done and explain to yourself the difference.  Failure isn’t tumbling out of the sky, failure is the steady erosion of what you could have done versus what you settle for on a daily basis.”

If you find yourself with a few minutes to spare why not look up Jim Rohn, and see if he can’t inspire you like he has so many others before.