Smiling is better than Chocolate!

“It takes seventeen muscles to smile and forty three to frown” (Anon)

We like smiling at Totem HQ and not just because it uses less energy than frowning!

A simple smile has been rated as “the highest positive emotion” according to scientist Andrew Newberg.  Smiling stimulates our brains in a way that even chocolate can’t.

So in short, this is the most basic and easiest Neuro Linguistic Programming there is:

When we smile our brains feel happy;
When our brains feel happy we smile.

A happy brain reduces the stress we feel and can calm not only the person who is smiling but also the person and/or people being smiled at.

We’ve not even discussed research that shows, compared to the rest, women who smile the most live happier lives or that there is correlation between men with bigger smiles and living longer.

So go on, if you see someone without a smile – give them one of yours!