Don't Forget, Remember!.

Apparently you can “teach your grandmother to suck eggs”!

Well, technically she’s my mother – but she is a Grannie, and it wasn’t eggs it was how to remember.  But apart from that it’s the same thing!

For regular followers of my Blog you will know that back in October 2013 I forgot to call the Vet as instructed on the reminder card they sent.  What’s that got to do with my mum and eggs?  Well, Craig was in Saudi recently and mum & I took advantage of his absence and kept going on days out.

It was on one of these days when mum started to stay she kept forgetting things and she couldn’t recall information when she needed or wanted to.  I hadn’t realised up until this point how frustrating it had become for her.  Mum hasn’t got dementia but she has suffered countless mini strokes which are gradually killing off her brain cells, thus making some day-to-day activities more difficult for her.

So I introduced her to positive re-enforcement.  I explained to her that by continually saying ‘don’t let me forget’ or ‘I can’t remember’ she was in fact instructing her brain to ‘forget’ or ‘not remember’ and she should instead swap her thoughts and words to ‘I must/will remember’.

Imagine my delight then when I regularly hear her say ‘Ooo I must remember’!  She also advised me that whilst in a local supermarket she noticed a sign that said ‘don’t forget’ and she commented to me that it was ‘silly advertising’.

Just goes to prove you’re never too old to learn and you can improve your quality of life – or even your Grannie’s!