Bizarre Marketing Techniques

I don’t mind saying that I’ve had better weeks than the one just passed.

Have you ever noticed that when one fairly large thing takes over – not in a good way – that other little things also appear to conspire against you?

Well that’s been me this week.

Even the lady from the sunshine coloured advertising website got shirty with me because I told her I only wanted to stick with the free ad.  I’m not altogether sure that telling your prospect off is the way to go to get more business.  However, that was the second time that day I was reprimanded by someone who wanted my money/future business – so I’m thinking it must be an effective strategy for some people.

The first time being following an e-mail exchange several weeks ago.  Apparently, we should have replied to say ‘thank you’ acknowledging they’d said ‘thank you’.  So, my first question is “when do you stop replying?”

They do say that each action has an equal and opposite reaction…I sent an e-mail and in big bold, red capital letters requested ‘PLEASE ACKNOWLEDGE RECEIPT OF THIS E-MAIL’.  Yep, you guessed – I’m still waiting for a reply!  This was me giving them business.  So for other people then, completely ignoring clients is the way to go!  For my second question, “when they won’t reply to your e-mail or answer the ‘phone, what do you do?”

And these were the incidentals that ‘also happened’ this week!

I’m thinking that my week falls into the 80/20 rule.  20% of my suppliers take 80% of my time.  This, as always, never seems fair to the 80% who only get 20% of my time.
So I’m going to dedicate my Blog this week to the 80% who:
  •  are always pleasant when they call;
  • go the extra mile to provide more than you expected;
  • call back when they say they will or when you ask them to;
  • basically, just do what they do without fuss or unnecessary complication.
I thank you – the 80% - for making my life easier!

As for the 20%?  I believe it’s time for new suppliers…goodbye!