There's nothing common about 'common sense'.

Craig was recently nominated by our client, the Birth to Five Service for Lincolnshire, for the Nursery World magazine national training awards in the category of ‘Trainer of the Year’. He successfully made it to be one of the five national finalists.

To say I’m proud doesn’t do my feelings justice.

So then, it was with much chagrin that, having explained the management programme that Craig was nominated for, to an acquaintance, he replied with ‘well it’s only common sense b*!!*#$s, isn’t it!’

Remaining calm and pleasant I didn’t react.  I simply pondered on what his reaction would be should I refer to his business in a reciprocal manner?

In our experience there are precious few businesses who do manage effectively without some form of structured training and/or guidance.  Time and again we have encountered people in businesses who have been promoted to a management role without any prior experience of how to manage people, teams, their time or multiple tasks.

To run and manage our own business effectively we choose to do the day-to-day things like:
write a ‘to do’ list, prioritising jobs;
  • hold regular, structured meetings so we know where we are and what we’re doing;
  • maintain positive client relationships;
  • have a goals list for the short, medium and long-term;

I could go on with the list and, yes they may seem like common sense things.  BUT, if you don’t know about them then life can become far more stressful that it needs to be. 

In our experience it is the common sense stuff, consistently applied that makes the difference. The thing about common sense is it’s rarely common practice.

To put it another way – you don’t know what you don’t know, do you?  Do you know?