The Power of A Single Word

Craig and I are the very proud owners of a beautifully majestic ‘Ragdoll’ cat, called Raffles.
A few days ago, Raffles received a postcard through the door from his Vet reminding him that his annual vaccinations are due.  Being the adoring owner, I informed Raffles of the communication and advised him that I would make the necessary arrangements.
I popped the postcard on my desk to remind me to organise an appointment.  I returned to my work and despite the postcard being on my screen stand all day, I neglected to call and make an appointment.  I resolved to do it the following day.
Several days passed and still no appointment had been made.  The Vet was good enough to spend the money on some very nice postcards which they obviously send out to their clients, advising them of the annual event – an ingenious way of attracting return business.   
On the front of the card there is a picture of some cuddly looking pets in a basket. On the back of the card is a message and even a map. The whole things looks great!
Why then, haven’t I called?
The answer, I believe, is in the message that is on the front of the postcard next to the cute picture which reads “Don’t forget it’s time to vaccinate your pet!”
So what I read was “forget it’s time to vaccinate your pet!”  which I have done very successfully as it turns out.
When writing marketing literature for our own business we always use statements that instruct what to do rather than what not to do.  In this case the message should have “Remember it’s time to vaccinate your pet!”

By using this positive subliminal messaging you stand far more chance of getting the result you actually want.