It's all about the colour!

Imagine my delight when I read recently that green was picked as the ‘freshest colour and the colour most associated with ‘good customer service’ (

For those of you unfamiliar with Totem Training’s livery – we’re green!

Alright, I’m using a pinch of poetic licence because the actual colour was ‘minty green’, but I’m not one for splitting hairs.

The same article also discussed blue as the colour most associated with a corporate environment.  I can vouch for this because when we re-designed our website a couple of years ago, we were put under an awful lot of pressure to change our company colour to blue.  Needless to say we stuck to our guns and didn’t change.

Instead of following the crowd we went our own way and we get great feedback about our website not least for being different.  Having checked out our competitors, we like to think that the colour is one of the things that make our site different.

Personally, I have changed colour.  My background is administration and my personality style has always been a ‘cool blue square’.  I like detail.  I like things to be ordered.  Starting a project means completing it and not leaving it half way through.

So then, when I took part in one of Craig’s ‘Behavioural Styles’ sessions earlier this year I answered my questions, as usual, only to discover that I’m now a ‘red triangle’.  A broad base, forward thinking, fiery entrepreneur.  I was quite surprised by the outcome of this exercise and discussed it with Craig later.  It turns out, this has probably occurred because my job role has changed.  I still do my administration but it’s now only a part of my role as I also do marketing and concentrate a lot on business strategy.  The very fact that I helped design the website and stuck to my guns on ‘green’ meant that it’s helped to change my colour to ‘red’.