The joys of training!

Over the years I have had the pleasure of facilitating a number of ‘Train the Trainer’ sessions for clients.

These events are always enjoyable for me to deliver for a number of reasons. They serve as a valuable reminder of how you can take for granted what you’ve learned over the years.

Really for me it’s the only time I ever consciously stop to think about when I was trained to be a trainer nearly 18 years ago.  I remember how nervous I was standing before my peers using an over head projector while having to talk at the same time! For whatever reason that particular memory to this day gives me empathy for the delegates on my sessions.

I also enjoy these courses because they force people to make real and immediate changes to the way they see thing. The techniques involved in delivering a competent presentation are very different to those required to facilitate an engaging and interesting training session. But, as always, we don’t know what we don’t know. However, once delegates do appreciate some of the basic methods of training then it’s always a kick to observe how small changes can make big differences!

And, as any decent trainer would tell you, one of the other perks of our job is witnessing the surge in self confidence that comes with acquiring new skills quickly. Any initial anxieties on the first day are replaced by the end of the course with confidence and eagerness to put the learning into practice.

Because people seem to spend so much of their time in training these days it seems sensible to make sure that the Trainers are as good as they can be!