Marketing outside the box

Buying in a training provider can be a challenge.  How do you know what the Trainer’s style is like?  Will they keep your staff engaged?  Does the Trainer actually know what they’re talking about?  Will the training be worth the investment?

I frequently get marketing calls, as we all do, for advertising in publications, ad word campaigns, event sponsorship – the list is seemingly endless, as are the ‘phone calls!

We have trialled all of the above methods – to no avail, so when I politely hear them out and then say ‘thank you for the opportunity but that type of particular advertising doesn’t work for us’.  Without exception, they all ask the same question ‘what do you do to market your business?’

My reply has always been the same – ‘word of mouth referral and repeat business’.  This never fails to end the ‘phone call with a ‘great, good for you’ – I’m not always convinced it’s meant genuinely!

We absolutely know how lucky we are to be able to say this because getting business by word of mouth is probably the best way to achieve new business and it speaks volumes about what we do, or at least we would like to think it does!

After these conversations I have always pondered on ‘what else can we do?’  Well, we have started offering free, half-day workshops throughout the year.  This gives potential new clients the opportunity to come along & try out our services before committing to an investment in order to assess for themselves whether they think their business would benefit from our services.  Not forgetting our existing clients, the workshops are also open for them to attend, which in turns adds value to what we are able to offer them.

When you work out how much the advertising, sponsorship & ad words would cost compared to putting on the workshops, we think our marketing budget is wisely spent even if it’s not in the traditional sense.