Who's driving Your bus?

And so, another New Year is well and truly upon us.  What will 2013 bring to you?

Well I would suggest that you are going to be delivered just about the sort of year you have had on order!

The late, great Jim Rohn talked about it in terms of ‘the set of the sail’ and used the analogy of a sailing boat to represent our thinking habits.  He said that the difference in where we arrive in 1 year, 5 years, 20 years is very much affected by the type of thinking we indulge in – positive or negative.

Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) asks us to consider ‘who’s driving the bus?’  This is a simple reminder that we are in the driving seat when it comes to our own thought processes.

Other authors label our thinking habits as the ‘Performer’ and the ‘Critic’.  The former being us at our positive and resourceful best and the latter when we indulge in negative and limited thinking.       

In simple terms we control nothing other than what goes on in our own mind.  The great thing though is when we take conscious control of our mind – our thoughts – then we are most certainly ‘driving the bus’.  Even if that means all we control, at times, is our reactions to negative circumstances.
Think very carefully about what you want to have achieved by this time next year and then make very sure that your habitual thinking supports those things rather than undermines them.