Silence is Golden - Meditation Basics

An anecdote attributed to the motor manufacturer Henry Ford was that whenever he had a really difficult task to be completed he would ask the laziest person he knew to deal with it as they would find the quickest and easiest way for it to be accomplished.

Now whether that story is true or not I think the moral behind it acts as a perfect description of how I like to work – if there’s a simple, easy way to do something why make it difficult and complex.

A couple of years ago, after being aware of meditation for a good while but not doing a great deal about it,  I discovered a very simple format to follow which suited me.

If you have never before tried to meditate then the information might be of use to help get and keep you going.

Meditate in a place where you will not be disturbed – turn off the doorbell, switch the phones on to silent, ensure no one will burst into the room.

For a beginner the advice would be to sit comfortably in a chair keeping your spine upright but relaxed, feet on the floor and hands resting on your legs.

With your eyes closed breath normally in through your nose and out through your mouth.   
Once you are aware of your breathing pattern slowly begin to breathe deeply and rhythmically into your abdomen.

Whilst the aim of mediation is to become still and silent it is very likely that initially your mind will be ‘noisy’ with lots of internal chatter. When this happens let the chatter go to the best of your ability and bring your attention back once again to your breathing and feel the inhale and exhale of your breath.

In the beginning you may want to meditate for 10 minutes only and build up the time to as much as 30 minutes if that feels right for you.

You may wish to use relaxing music to help or simply sit in silence. Likewise, you may find it helpful to light a candle or even create yourself a mediation ‘space’ – an area you face to meditate that can hold a small collection of items that mean something special to you. 

Above all, keep it simple, do what feels right to you and see if you can find your own benefits from a little peace and silence that comes from meditation.