And tonight’s top stories are ...

Good news doesn’t seem to feature too much on the television bulletins does it?  It is even less likely to show up in print in the nations many tabloids and broadsheets.

When there’s a lack of bad news the media would appear to try its best to whip up a negative story based on what might happen!  Not even what has happened – but what looks as if it might, perhaps happen!!

The way the weather is being reported at the moment is a perfect example of how we can become focused on negativity, when in reality there’s nothing at the time to be negative about.

It’s January in the UK – we are very likely to get some snow.  End of story!

That’s not to say that we shouldn’t think ahead, be prepared, make our plans and have contingencies in place – we should.  What bothers me is the negative effects, of unease at best and stress at worst, that this negative news culture can cause us to experience.  

Some newspapers make regular headlines out of predicting a ‘Siberian Winter’ or ‘The Big Freeze’ that hardly ever appears to actually materialise.

Mark Twain is attributed as saying ‘I have been through some terrible things in my life, some which actually happened.’

All I’m saying is we might all benefit from limiting our intake of bad news and scare mongering stories about things which we can’t affect anyway.  Instead we could spend that same time on the more positive pursuits of our lives – whatever they are - that leave us feeling upbeat, relaxed, or happy.