Older, Wiser and Funny!

We recently had the pleasure of being at a business event where the after dinner entertainment was the cartoonist Bill Tidy.

For about 45 minutes this 79-year old legend of his industry kept the audience enthralled with his highly original performance.

The theme was around lessons for the small business owner based on his experiences over many years of self-employment.

The topics he covered with clever cartoons, accompanied by a flow of easy, witty dialogue included the need to choose a good accountant, to stay positive in the face of negativity and not to get carried away when the going is good.

The presentation was impressive, funny, wise and inspirational.

As somone with the desire to keep on working as long as possible, I am always encouraged when I see the 'older' generation in full flow, still enjoying their purpose and doing it with humour and passion.

For anyone planning an event and looking for a very original and entertaining speaker try Bill Tidy at www.billtidy.com .