Good things come in small packages!

At Totem Training we pride ourselves on working in partnership with our customers in order to deliver the most time and cost effective solutions to meet their particular needs.

Over the last few months we have been delivering a series of 90-minute workshops for a couple of client organisations.

These sessions have covered titles including: How to Think Like A Winner; Stress Busting; Communiaiton Skills; Work / Life Balance and Time Management.

They are designed to be fast paced and choc full of simple, practical and usable tools, techniques and information.  We have always believed that small and subtle changes to thinking and actions can have a big, positive impact when applied consistently over time.

We will continue to facilitate these sessions well into 2013.  Up to now the feedback from our delegates has been great and we expect more of the same because the formula works.

If you are running a team just think about the training they might benefit from and then break it down into manageable, bite size chunks of learning which can be delivered over time.

With the new year just around the corner just imagine what your people might be better at this time next year because of the small packages of learning you have provided.  What have you got to lose?