A book really can change your life!

Sometimes I wish that I could have my school days over again but this time supported by the knowledge I’ve gained since leaving school.

I didn’t enjoy my school years at all which meant that my ability to learn was definitely affected and my results were far below my true potential.

I was almost 30 years of age before I became aware of what’s often known as ‘self development’ material.

I was introduced to the concept of personal potential and positive thinking through a wonderful book titled ‘The Power of Your Subconscious Mind’ by Dr Joseph Murphy. This was at a time when I was without a job, a relationship or any plan for my future. Six months after reading this book and implementing some of the techniques outlined I had all three!

That book quite simply changed my life for the better.

Since then I’ve read many similar books, listened to countless audio recordings, watched inspirational DVDs and attended seminars.

Years ago the Americans coined the phrase ‘Automobile University’ to describe the time spent in the car listening to self development material. I have linked learning with carrying out chores and listen to audio books and live seminars whilst ironing, gardening or washing the car.

In the coming New Year I suggest you spend just a little time every week developing your own potential in whatever way you learn best. Read some inspirational books, attend a few workshops, listen to a selection of audio material and then take some action based on what you’ve discovered. You just never know what you are going to come across that could positively change your life.