Uncut Diamonds.

Last week I and a team of seven others facilitated a staff conference event for one of our clients.  It was a very enjoyable experience for a number of reasons.  Firstly I love to act as MC for this type of event and I had an excellent team of facilitators to work with.  Secondly, the style of the day was rather a big risk to take and thankfully it worked wonderfully well.  The third factor was what the delegates managed to achieve working in large teams, with a complex task and against the clock.

There’s a great quote that, for me, perfectly sums up the delegate experience from the event – ‘A diamond is a chunk of coal that made good under pressure.’

There were ten teams competing, each with ten delegates and with only 3 hours of preparation time to work through their brief each team managed to deliver a final presentation to a panel of judges.

During the presentations I had the pleasure of watching one or two real stars – a young man named Jake stands out especially.  He had acted as Project Manager for his team during the task – whilst he’d been competent in the role, he seemed rather reserved to me.  However, when he got a microphone in his hand and he stood to talk to a room full of people, the ease and confidence of his performance completely surprised me.

But to me the true stars were the delegates who stood there looking out at over a hundred of their colleagues whilst visibly trembling, voices quivering and some even dropping their notes  - and still they delivered their part of their teams presentation.

Isn’t it amazing what individuals can achieve under pressure!