Is it me...Or is something wrong here?

Apparently, I received an excellent marketing opportunity last week.

The caller offered me the chance to attend an exclusive event, in London, aimed at the public sector.  It’s a government initiative to help them deal with Change Management.  They have unsuccessfully launched several extremely costly programmes recently and have now decided they need grass roots assistance with the staff.

They (the government) think that small businesses likes ours are just what they need to help them achieve this.

Perfect, what’s the cost implication, I asked.

Twenty minutes later, after being advised of all the bells & whistles advantages to me, we got down to it:  £3k as a starting price, £6k is mid range, £9-10k will have my name in lights.  Well alright, not quite, but you get the picture.

I don’t know what your marketing budget looks like but even £3k would probably take about 3 years worth of mine, blown in one day.  Then he tells me that the delegates – big hitters don’t forget - he said, go for free!

Who was it that said that it was going to be SME’s and Micro Enterprises that would get the country’s economy going again?

Now I don’t disagree with the concept, we’ve been approached like this before for a similar event but for the blue-chip private sector.  The theory is good.  Big business and now the public sector are coming to the realisation that small business can have a lot more to offer than bigger companies.  Value and quality for starters.

But seriously, ‘they’ clearly haven’t considered that they immediately cost SME’s & Micro-Enterprise out of the market.

Just another thing to add to my ever growing list of frustrations that central government - whatever the colour - doesn’t seem to understand.  So now this, along with the fact that we don’t have a public transport system that is useful to small business in rural communities and just because we live north of Watford means we don’t even consistently receive 3G let alone 4G.   I’m actually relieved and grateful that we have broadband (most of the time!).