It’s the little things that make a BIG difference!

We’ve just celebrated a birthday here at Totem Training – birthday card, flowers, chocolates, meal out on the special day, the works!  It was Pam’s birthday my work colleague – and my wife.

We're a small business so it’s far easier for us to mark special events & success in a way that larger organisations simply don’t or can’t. However, there are many ways that businesses of all sizes can make a positive difference to the morale of the workforce.

One way is by celebrating and communicating the successes and achievements of your colleagues at team meetings, via e-mails or newsletters. A Recognition board in Reception where Customers & colleagues can vote for a member of staff of the week/month etc. or just leave ‘thank-you’ messages will work wonders for moral.

It could become company policy to officially recognise birthdays with a card – perhaps even a small gift or voucher. A potential small cost for a big return.

Motivational posters or quotes are a simple way to foster a positive atmosphere.

The gathering of ideas and suggestions for improvements from the workforce, in the form of a committee or it may simply be a suggestion box or ideas board, can all bring about positive change.

You could establish a resource library of appropriate magazines, books, CD’s, DVD’s that any member of the team may loan in order to improve their knowledge and skills.

One key to improving morale is to communicate regularly through informal chats, structured meetings, reviews and appraisals. All these are tried & tested methods for getting to know and understand your people.

These small things done consistently and well can help to make individuals feel more valued and can impact positively on the morale of the whole organisation.

So, what could you do more of?